The new CEO of Rezekne SEZ – Maija Elksne-Meirane

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The new CEO of Rezekne SEZ – Maija Elksne-Meirane

May 27, 2024

On 23 May 2024, Rezekne special economic zone Supervisory Board decided to appoint Maija Elksne – Meirane as the new CEO of Rezekne SEZ Authority, who has worked in Rezekne SEZ as project manager for several years.

Maija Elksne-Meirane was born and grown up in Rezekne County, Dricani. After graduating from Dricani High School, Maija obtained a bachelor's degree from Rezekne Academy of Technologies in electronic commerce in 2016. She also received there a master's degree in computer science in 2018. Since February 2021 Maija is being familiar with Rezekne SEZ's activities as project manager. Over these years, Maya has accumulated the experience and knowledge needed to manage the activities of Rezekne SEZ Authority. In addition, in the performance of her duties as project manager, Maya promotes Rezekne SEZ's commercial companies and their activities, and has established successful cooperation with them.

Maija Elksne – Meirane about the new position in Rezekne SEZ:"I am truly happy and honoured to have the opportunity to continue working in the Rēzekne SEZ Authority in the position of CEO. Entrepreneurs are currently in an unenviable situation, with economic challenges and uncertainty hitting every day. Together, we will be able to improve the existing conditions for entrepreneurs of the Rēzekne special economic zone and strengthen the position of the zone as an important business support tool in the Rēzekne city, Rezekne county and Latgale region."

The Rezekne SEZ Authority is a joint municipal authority under the supervision of Rezekne City Council and Rezekne Municipality, whose establishment aims to effective management of Rezekne Special Economic Zone by increasing trade, developing production and traffic, as well as the export and import of goods through Latvia, by attracting investments for the development of production and infrastructure, as well as the creation of new jobs, contributing to the development of Rezekne City, Rezekne Municipality and the entire Latgale region.