About us

Rēzekne Special Economic Zone Authority is a creative, innovative and professional team. We are united by common values — our professional activity is based upon the needs of the client and we are working with an aim to create business friendly environment in order to provide enterprises with better opportunities, advantages in global market and in order to strengthen the national economy

About RSEZ

RSEZ was established on 23 April 1997 on the basis of Rēzekne Special Economic Zone Law.

The above mentioned Law prescribes the procedures for the administration and use of RSEZ, requirements for commercial activity and investments, as well as the functions and tasks of RSEZ Authority.

Tax incentives

Tax incentives in RSEZ are applicable until 31 December 2035.

The procedure for the application of tax incentives at free ports and special economic zones is regulated by the Law On the Application of Taxes in Free Ports and Special Economic Zones.


The total area of RSEZ is 1155 ha. This area includes the territory of Rēzekne City and the rural territory of Vērēmi, Griškāni, Ozolaine parishes, and it is one of the most important crossroads of international transport corridors with direct access to international markets.

Business areas

  • Execution of functions
    prescribed by RSEZ Law
  • Administration of regional aid
  • Attraction of investment
    in the territory of RSEZ
  • Gathering and preparation
    of information
  • Support to RSEZ enterprises

Development plan

RSEZ development objectives and priorities have been specified in Rēzekne Special Economic Zone Development Plan 2014–2020.

Strategic goals

  • Stimulate development of the infrastructure of the RSEZ territory in order to facilitate business and attract investment;
  • Promote RSEZ in order to increase its recognition on national and international level;
  • Provide effective management of RSEZ, which would be orientated on the client and the goal.


Among the best in the world

In “Global Free Zones of the Year 2017” survey, in which 66 free zones of the world took part, Rēzekne SEZ has received bespoke awards in categories “Expansions” and “Infrasturcture Upgrades”

Perspective Economic Zone

In 2019, Rezekne SEZ was mentioned among the best in three categories "Expansions”, "Talent Pool”, "Incentives” in the “Global Free Zones of the Year Awards 2019” survey, conducted by the “fDi Magazine”, a special edition of the British newspaper “Financial Times”.

Our partners

World Free Zones Organization

Rezekne SEZ Authority is a member of World Free Zones Organization since 2015. The World Free Zones Organization represents the interests of more than 550 members from 120 countries worldwide.

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Investment and Development Agency of Latvia

The Latvian Investment and Development Agency is a long-standing cooperation partner of Rezekne SEZ Authority within the framework of the POLARIS process, which provides regular mutual information exchange and support in attraction and implementation of investment projects.

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Rēzekne Academy of Technology

Cooperation agreement on exchange of information and experience, scientific research and teaching methodological cooperation, as well as implementation of student internship programs is in force between Rezekne SEZ Authority and Rezekne Academy of Technology since 2011.

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Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

LCCI is the largest business association in Latvia, which represents the interests of entrepreneurs, as well as provides services so that Latvia has excellent enterprises in an excellent business environment. Rezekne SEZ Authority became a member of LCCI in 2021.

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Rezekne Entrepreneurs' Association

Rezekne Entrepreneurs' Association represents the interests of entrepreneurs and promotes dialogue with state institutions, local governments and international organizations. The Rezekne SEZ Authority joined the association in 2020.

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RSEZ Authority

Since 2010, the administration of RSEZ is performed by joint municipal institution "Rēzekne SEZ Authority". The Authority was established by Rēzekne City Council and Rēzekne Municipality. An administration body, appointed and managed by the Chief Executive Officer, is the executive and representative body of RSEZ Authority.

Joint Municipal Institutions “Rēzekne Special Economic Zone Authority”

Registration No. 90009259543

Atbrīvošanas aleja 93, Rēzekne, LV 4601, Latvia

Telephone +371 6462 5941

Mobile telephone +371 2863 3550

E-mail address info@rsez.lv

Chief Executive Officer

Rezekne SEZ Authority

(+371) 2837 8811



Legal adviser


(+371) 2442 8644



Deputy Chief Executive Officer

(+371) 6462 5941

(+371) 2442 8646



External Relations Manager

(+371) 6462 5941

(+371) 2863 3550




(+371) 239 944 77



Project Manager


(+371) 2442 8648



Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board implements supervision of RSEZ Authority. The Board consists of four representatives delegated by municipalities. It approves the development plan and the annual budget, concludes agreements with RSEZ investors on investment and commercial activity within the territory of RSEZ and issues permits to enterprises on the right to apply tax incentives prescribed by regulatory enactments.

Ērika Teirumnieka
Chairperson of the Board
Aleksejs Stecs
Deputy Chairperson
Ilvija Pastare
Member of the Board
Staņislavs Šķesters
Member of the Board

Entrepreneurship Commission

The Entrepreneurship Commission ensures collaboration of RSEZ Authority with entrepreneurs. The Commission consists of 8 representatives delegated by RSEZ enterprises. It promotes exchange of opinions, ensures the adoption of coordinated decisions and participates in the elaboration of RSEZ development plan. The Entrepreneurship Commission prepares proposals and recommendations for the improvement of operation of RSEZ and the services of municipalities.

Gints Jačuks
Chairperson of the Commission


Zinaīda Lovnika
Deputy Chairperson of the Commission


Romāns Vdovičenko
Member of the Commission

"NewFuels" RSEZ SIA

Karīna Jevdokimova
Member of the Commission


Stanislavs Ratinskis
Member of the Commission


Aivars Tjarve
Member of the Commission

RSEZ SIA "IRBIS Technology"

Nikolajs Pušņakovs
Member of the Commission


Arturs Ziļs
Member of the Commission



Metal working
Production of equipment and tools
Storage and warehouse management
Wholesale trade and services
Production of textiles
Web portals
Computer programming
Metal surface treatment and coating
Manufacture of electronic and electric wires and cables
Tire recycling
Construction of recreational and sports boats
Renting and management of own or rented real estate
Beer and kvass brewery